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2019 28th China International Medical Device Design and Manu

(Spring) Exhibition

  China International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Exhibition (ICMD) focuses on the upstream industry of medical device manufacturing. Exhibitors cover industrial design, electronic components, medical sensors, connectors and OEM components; packaging machinery and materials, motors, pumps and motion control In the fields of equipment processing, OEM and product supporting services, CMEF and the Asia-Pacific region cover the entire medical device industry chain, which integrates product technology, service innovation and trade, academic exchange, education and learning. Held in Beijing, focusing on building a communication platform between medical device manufacturers and upstream spare parts and service providers, showing the latest technology in the field of medical device manufacturing, and promoting interaction in the entire medical device industry chain.
The forums and seminars held concurrently with ICMD have greatly enhanced the technical content of ICMD, accelerated the marketization of new technologies, and laid a solid foundation for the development of medical device manufacturing and service industries.
China International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Exhibition
—— Covering the upstream industry of medical device manufacturing, providing one-stop solutions for medical device R & D, design and manufacturing
★ Focus on the upstream industry of medical device manufacturing
★ Show the latest technology in the medical manufacturing field
★ Promote the interaction of the entire medical device industry chain
Scope of exhibits: large-scale manufacturing equipment, OEM production and accessories, medical materials, medical packaging, industrial design, cleaning and disinfection, various related services, etc.
Medical Device Manufacturing Custom Service Technology Innovation Forum
———— Concerned about the latest technology of medical device design and manufacturing, bringing together top technical experts of medical device OEM,
It aims to provide a deep interactive platform for medical device manufacturers and OEM suppliers to promote the innovative development of the medical device manufacturing industry.
High-quality customized medical device OEM services can help medical device manufacturers to obtain the latest and most complete market information and product experience, shorten the research and development cycle, reduce research and development costs, and reduce production investment.
Focus on "Medical Device Manufacturing Customization Service Technology Innovation Forum", harvest unique OEM customization services, and create a unique market competitiveness.
As a laser micro-machining system solution provider, Yunko Seiko's services for the high-end medical device manufacturing field cover multiple service models such as equipment sales, product processing services, and platform-based innovation services, and provide high-efficiency and high-quality auxiliary design. , Process proofing, technical training and technical consulting services, greatly improving product cost performance and market competitiveness.
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Based on the craftsman spirit of "Yunli 100 Castable Hearts", Yunco Seiko is dedicated to creating laser micromachining system solutions and high-end manufacturing system innovation service platforms to lead the industry development in the field of automation system applications. "Various technical services" is the quality goal, and is the leader in the manufacturing industry of laser micro-machining systems. At the exhibition site, as a laser micromachining system solution provider, we provide high-efficiency, high-quality auxiliary design, process proofing, technical training and technical consulting services. We serve customers with professionalism and dedication.



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