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Zema raises sails and allows Yunco Precision to be honored f

Golden autumn in October, Dangui fragrance. On October 30, the Lujia Golden Autumn Economy and Trade (Shanghai) Investment Promotion Conference 2019 was held by the Lujia Government of Kunshan City. At the conference, more than 30 projects were signed, with a total investment scale of about 8 billion yuan. The fields involved included new energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, medical care, etc., and the estimated output value exceeded 100 billion yuan. The successful settlement of the project will inject new momentum into Lujia's construction of a pioneer town in Kunshan Industrial Science and Technology Innovation Center. At this grand event, Yunco Precision won the commendation of “Lujia Town's Transformation, Upgrade, Innovation and Development Enterprise”.

2019 Lujia Golden Autumn Economy and Trade (Shanghai) Investment Promotion Conference
Big coffees gather and Yunko Seiko wins recognition
At this investment promotion conference, major companies of the Lu family mobilized together. At the conference, there were a lot of talents, including many well-known companies such as Goodbaby, Zhengxin Rubber, Thermos, etc. This time, Yunco Precision also won the " Recognition of Lujiazhen's transformation, upgrading, innovation and development of enterprises
Mr. Li Xintian, Deputy General Manager of Yunco Precisio
Mr. Li Xintian (fifth from right), Deputy General Manager of Yunco, attended the prize collection
To win this honor, we must first thank the government for its recognition of Yunco. Since its inception, Yunco has continuously improved herself on the way forward by virtue of her pursuit of technology, her persistence in craftsmanship, and her desire for innovation. At the same time of its own development, it also continuously accumulates power for the progress of the industry, and contributes to the further development and upgrading of the laser processing industry.

"Lujia Town's transformation and upgrading innovation and development enterprise" trophy
Under the current social background that the country is rich and the people are strong, the medical and electronics industries have achieved unprecedented tremendous development. In addition to the continuous improvement of social and economic strength, of course, the full cooperation of upstream and downstream supply chains is also inseparable. As a permitting company that has been dedicated to the laser processing of electronics and medical equipment, this is both an opportunity and a challenge: economic prosperity, industry development, market cakes have become larger, and the scale has increased year by year. This brings opportunities for developing companies. With the development, customer requirements continue to improve, the quality of products and services continues to rise, and the number of peers in the industry has also increased dramatically. This poses challenges for businesses. Under such circumstances, Yunko Seiko insists on providing excellent products and services to customers in the field of laser processing. On the other hand, persist in research and development to continuously innovate and optimize technologies to improve ourselves. Embrace opportunities, meet challenges, and provide customers with higher quality products and services. While meeting customer expectations, it also contributes to the advancement of the industry.

Yunco Precision started from 12 years of establishment, officially operated in 13 years, and repeatedly received provincial and municipal and national high-tech enterprise recognition in 15 years. It has continuously improved and improved itself from the product side and service side. From a single field in the beginning to multiple fields in parallel, covering electronics and medical industries; from the original equipment manufacturer, to the later equipment and processing service provider, to the current laser processing system solution service provider, Nowadays, Yunco Precision can not only meet the user's requirements for laser processing equipment, but also processing services have become a major force in Yunco's business. The business line has continued to expand with the company's development, and its identity has continuously changed. Yunco Precision is deeply committed to the laser processing industry's determination and confidence to satisfy customers.

Yunco Precision
We need to work hard to improve our future. In the future, Young Yunco will always uphold the responsibility and attitude based on research and development, innovation and dedication, excellence in products; strict control in quality; and exceeding expectations in service. Deeply plowed into the field of laser processing, and greet a better tomorrow.
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