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Optoelectronics, Smart Futures: Yunco Precision Appears at W

Under the background of "technology upgrade, mode upgrade, and consumption upgrade" in the current laser industry, how can each unit enterprise integrate into the new trend of industry development, actively embrace new things, integrate new resources at high speed, build a strong competitive laser industry ecosystem, and tap The new growth momentum of the industry is an inevitable requirement for the high-quality development of the industry in the new era.
In order to create an efficient internal communication platform for the industry and promote the continuous progress of the industry, the 16th "China Optics Valley" International Optoelectronic Expo and Forum opened in Wuhan on November 13th. Keep abreast of the new developments in the laser industry, seize the new potential of the industry development, and show new trends in laser technology. More than 400 companies from more than 20 countries and regions participated in this exhibition. Yun Kejing is a leading brand in the field of laser micro-machining. It was also invited to attend this conference, and had multi-dimensional dialogue with many industry representatives to discuss development.
  Wuhan · China Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center
In 2019, the international economic environment is moving towards a complex and changeable situation. The new competitive living environment created in this context places more stringent requirements on enterprises and also stimulates further upgrades at the product and business levels. Yunco Precision is the representative of deep cultivation in the field of laser micromachining. Adhering to the spirit of "Yunli Hundred Workers and Castable Craftsmanship", with its own pursuit of technology, persistence in craftsmanship and desire for innovation, it has continuously contributed to the progress of the industry while achieving self-development. At the Wuhan Optical Expo, Yunco's Deputy General Manager Li Xintian led a team of Yunco to bring many high-quality exhibits produced by Yunco Precision, and attended the conference with the sincerity of "Meeting Wuhan · Common Development".
  Mr. Li Xintian (middle), Deputy General Manager of Yunke Seiko attended the meeting
In 2019, it is not only the experience of "economic winter", but also the witness of "one hundred wars" in the laser industry. Consumption change, industrial interconnection, from upgrade to development, the entire industry chain runs through it. In the new era, the laser industry meets new challenges. In such a tide, Yunko Seiko actively meets challenges and embraces opportunities. From equipment to products, from equipment custom R & D, product processing services, and comprehensive after-sales support, it provides customers with system solutions in the field of laser micromachining. Not only are there only "UV laser cutting machine", "precision thin-walled tube five-axis laser cutting machine", "electronic plane laser marking machine" and other equipment, the company also established a "laser micromachining division", using the company's independent design and research and development All kinds of laser processing equipment, to provide customers with laser micro-processing services.
  UV laser cutting machine YC-UVM4035
  Laser Micromachining Division
"Fiber Optics Connects All Things to Smartly Introduce the Future". The Wuhan Optical Expo is not only a platform for domestic counterparts to exchange and cooperate, but also a window and channel for domestic and foreign communication. It plays an important role in promoting industrial upgrading and value chain linkage. Yunco Precision also took this opportunity to show its own ability, expressed its confidence in the deep development of the laser industry and laser micromachining field, and also passed on Yunco's determination to continue to develop and innovate. In the future, Yunco Precision hopes to promote the industry progress and deepen the development of the industry together with the entire industry chain of the laser industry, and colleagues and partners who use laser micromachining services. Work together for win-win and discuss development together.
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