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Kunshan Yunco: Application of Laser Micromachining in Precis

On June 14, "OFweek 2019 (15th) China Laser Technology and Industrial Application Forum" sponsored by OFweek Veken and Hi-Tech Association, hosted by Chinese high-tech portal OFweek, was officially held at JW Marriott Hotel, Qianhai Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen. Hosted. Zhu Xiwen, deputy general manager of Kunshan Yunco Precision Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and introduced the laser micromachining system solution for electronic equipment.
  Zhu Xiwen, Deputy General Manager of Kunshan Yunco Precision Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
Advantages and disadvantages of traditional processing technology
It is understood that the laser micromachining system solution of Kunshan Yunco electronic equipment is mainly divided into three parts, one is a laser cutting machine, the other is a matching laser marking machine, and the third is a matching laser welding machine. The demand for laser micromachining equipment is mainly due to the structural characteristics of electronic equipment. On the one hand, electronic equipment has various shapes, diverse materials, and relatively complicated structures. On the other hand, its tube wall is relatively thin and its processing accuracy is relatively high.
Typical cases include products such as SMT templates, laptop computer casings, mobile phone back covers, stylus pens, electronic cigarette tubes, media beverage straws, automotive valve cores, valve core tubes, heat sink tubes, and electronic tubes. At present, traditional processing technologies such as turning, milling, grinding, wire cutting, stamping, high-speed drilling, chemical etching, injection molding, MIM technology, 3D printing, etc. have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Such as turning, it has a very wide variety of structural materials. It has good surface processing quality and moderate processing cost, but it is not suitable for processing thin walls. The same is true for milling and grinding. The surface of wire cutting is really very good, but the processing efficiency is low. The stamping efficiency is very high, the cost is relatively low, and the processed shape is better, but the burr on the stamped edge of the stamping and its indication accuracy are relatively low. The efficiency of chemical etching is very high, but the most important thing is that its environmental protection problem is an increasingly prominent requirement at all levels. In recent years, Shenzhen has strict requirements on environmental protection, so many factories engaged in chemical etching have moved outwards, which are some of the major problems in the electronic device architecture.
In the field of precision thin-walled precision machining, laser technology has the characteristics of strong complementarity with traditional machining processes, and has become a new process with an increasingly broad market demand.
According to Mr. Zhu, in the field of precision thin-walled precision machining, Kunshan Yunco's micro-machined pipe cutting equipment is highly complementary to traditional machining processes. In laser cutting, it can process any complex openings of metal and non-metal materials. Shape, easy proofing, and low cost of proofing. High precision machining (± 0.01mm), small cutting seam width, high machining efficiency and less dross. High processing yield, generally not less than 98%; in laser welding, most of them are still connected to each other in metal, and some of them are welding of non-metallic materials, such as sealing welding of medical fittings and fittings, and transparent injection molding of automobiles Welding of parts; laser marking can engraving any graphics (serial number, two-dimensional code, logo, etc.) on the surface of metal and non-metallic workpieces. The disadvantage of laser cutting is that its cost is still higher than machining.
At present, the application of laser micro-processing equipment in electronic device processing mainly includes the following related applications. For laser cutting, including SMT stainless steel templates, copper, aluminum, molybdenum, nickel titanium, tungsten, magnesium, titanium sheets, magnesium alloys, stainless steel, carbon fiber ABCD parts, ceramics, FPC electronic circuit boards, stylus stainless steel tubes, aluminum speakers, Smart appliances such as purifiers; laser cutting, blind slot and welding, including stainless steel, composite battery covers, etc .; laser cutting, welding, and marking, including aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, plastics, mobile phone parts, electronic ceramics, etc. .
Laser cutting process principle and influencing factors
Lasers have been in use in China for almost 30 years and have used a variety of different laser equipment. The process principle of laser cutting is that the laser cutting process is that the laser is emitted from the laser, passes through the optical path transmission system and is finally focused on the surface of the raw material through the laser cutting head. Etc.) Blow on the laser and material action area, used to remove the debris of the incision and cool the laser action area.
The cutting quality mainly depends on the cutting dimensional accuracy and the quality of the cutting surface. The cutting surface quality includes: the width of the cut, the roughness of the cut surface, the width of the heat affected zone, the ripple of the cut section, and the slag hanging on the cut section or the lower surface.
There are many factors that affect cutting quality. The main factors can be divided into three categories: one is the characteristics of the workpiece being processed; the other is the performance of the machine itself (mechanical system accuracy, table vibration, etc.) and the influence of the optical system (wavelength, output power, Frequency, pulse width, current, beam mode, beam shape, diameter, divergence angle, focal length, focal position, focal depth, spot diameter, etc .; the third is the processing process parameters (material feed speed, accuracy, auxiliary gas parameters, nozzles Shape and hole size, setting of laser cutting path, etc.).
Product advantages and application cases
It is understood that Yunco's laser micromachining equipment is independently developed and applied for various aspects. From the exploded view of the key functional components of the Yunco Precision laser micromachining system, it can be seen that the precision motion platform includes linear axes, rotary axes, and Auto-Feeding feed systems. Only Aerotech, Nutec, and Yunco provide this platform worldwide. Its innovation lies in the modular design of key functions, the second is software on-line error measurement and correction processing technology, the third is personalized system design capabilities, and the fourth is parametric laser centripetal and vertical incidence processing Technology, the fifth is the highly flexible system process capability, and the sixth is an open CNC software platform.

According to Mr. Zhu, their product series include multi-axis linkage, to plane products, plane equipment laser cutting machines, and their choice of lasers include fiber optics, ultraviolet, femtosecond, picosecond, etc.
Based on a number of technological innovations, Yunco has launched a series of laser micro-machining systems for the electronic device field, including laptop products, mobile phones, stylus tubes, smart home appliances, electronic ceramics, electronic substrates, and flexible circuit boards. , Electronic tube equipment and electronic plane equipment. For different types of subdivisions, we can have corresponding supporting solutions.
In the end, President Zhu introduced the development history, core team, corporate culture, development strategy and customer groups of Yun Ke in all aspects.
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