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Yunco Precision participates in CMEH 2018 Shanghai Medical E

2018.7.11-2018.7.13 The three-day "2018 22nd China (Shanghai) International Medical Equipment Exhibition" was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Hall 2, Shi Zhi Super Typhoon Maria landed in Xiamen and other places, the same day 11 In the afternoon, due to the typhoon, there was a gale in Shanghai. Fortunately, the typhoon passed after the next day, the sky cleared, and the exhibition attracted more people to watch the exhibition. This exhibition situation, this medical equipment exhibition is a small-scale exhibition and the 17th International Disabled and Elderly Rehabilitation, Nursing Care and Health Products. Exhibitors include about 300 companies including Shanghai Electric, Panasonic Cold Chain, Hisense Cold Chain, and Yun Ke Precision.
Kunshan Yunco Precision booth H016, this exhibition allows Yun Seiko to participate in the theme of "precision medical equipment", took the latest processing samples, and publicity posters for the audience to display; Yun Ke Seiko's exhibits in this exhibition are mainly divided into three major Block, implantable materials, such as cardiac stents, accessories such as ultrasound knife cannula, endoscope snake bone and accessories, etc. Yunko Seiko's advanced technical experience has always attracted the attention of the industry. It can be said that the processing technology and equipment technology are domestically leading; judging from the years of experience of Yunko participating in the medical device exhibition and the brand customer groups that cooperate with it, Processing equipment and technology lead the development of domestic and foreign industries, and have attracted the attention of southern enterprises. They have been specially reported by SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition; customers at the exhibition site are holding products to find solutions, please see the figure below. On the same day, customers had the intention to purchase our welding machines, marking machines, and medical stent cutting machines.
Yunco Precision welcomed every audience with full enthusiasm during the exhibition. I look forward to letting more people know our products and our services.
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