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Yunco Precision organizes 331 special training on safety pre

On the afternoon of October 15, 2018, Yunke Seiko specially invited Zhou Zaigui, a teacher of Suzhou Social Security Fire Service Center, to conduct a series of safety production education training for Yunke Seiko's colleagues. Colleagues from various departments including management department, production department, technology department, technology department, sales department, supply chain management department, and finance department participated in this event.

Teacher Zhou specially gave key employees an analysis of the safety issues that are easily overlooked, and gave some examples to explain the reasons, and how to avoid them. Fire protection, explosion protection, and rain protection; how to use fire extinguishers, how to properly deal with unexpected situations, actual cases; and the analysis of criminal cases caused by it, and on-site interaction with employees.
Through this training, employees have a deeper understanding of safety issues in production and life. When safety issues come, everyone has a responsibility, and they need to be dealt with in a timely and correct manner, and to avoid these issues; there is a certain improvement in everyone's awareness. Everyone is very concerned about such activities.
Manager Xia Bin of the General Affairs Department of the company said: The company will arrange weekly and monthly plans to bring more training to everyone, to ensure that colleagues in the company work safely, healthily and happily!

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